In 2000, LINEARTECK srl, a commercial company with considerable experience of handling and industrial automation, always been involved in assembly, customization and sales of linear units for packaging and general handling, has created a new idea called "LITEK", to design and build modular versatile linear products at lowe cost;

  • Suitable for many different uses and various combinations.
  • With the possibility of interfacing with gears and motors of different types and brands.
  • With many kind of protection against dirt.
  • Fast or slow, rigid or flexible use.
  • Double or single drive.
  • With profield bearings (rollers) or with recirculating balls (carriages)
  • Built in standard or custom kits.
  • Complete with motors or power input only.
  • With more carriages on the same unit.
  • Many assembly types: cross, portal, pairs, orthogonal, ...

All of it is "Litek" today. Design and assembly of standard or custom products, using highly qualified staff, providing the material with their own designs from companies qualified for extruded alloy and driving, the best in the different sectors, agencies and artisans chosen with criterion and responsability for all the necessary detail. A productive inflexible choice, which allows us to operate in certain times, to meet individual needs and request, also enables to perform a functional assembly, first with virtual 3D modeling, then physical tests. The three-dimensional drawing of the linear unit or of the entire group can be sent or request by e-mail to the customer, who may avaluate compatibility and space befor return it approved. Testing, packing and shipping close the circle of LITEK products.